Mid year message from Master Saidi

Kuk Sool_Won_ Vanessa015

I am incredibly proud of the way our school has performed in the first half of this year!

Your hard work has led to many successes already and I look forward to seeing you reach your martial arts goals.

Please read the schoolย Jan to June 2015 Newsletter for more information about our activities to date.

I have exciting plans for the school so keep monitoring your emails and our social media accounts for announcements and updates.

One of these plans is to make our school more visible locally by taking our Demo Team to perform at selected events.

Master Saidi and brown belt class stance patch

The team has been working exceptionally hard at their monthly training sessions and it would be great to make more people aware of their skills.

To raise the bar on the general skill level at our school, future testing sessions will be more rigorous and reward those students who exhibit the proper dedication, commitment and etiquette required to be a good martial artist.

Thanks to all of you for the heartwarming birthday messages and gifts that I received.

I really appreciate every one of you. My school has always been a family oriented school because every one of my students is like a family member to me. I am really happy and honored to have students like you.